Our Home

Our home

This is our home
a little nest
in one of the countless branches
of this earthly tree
which cradles us all

This is our tent
by the side of the road
pitched for the short night
of our pilgrimage
to the Father’s House

This is our harbour
open to all
who seek light and hope
Jesus Christ
The Way The Truth and The Life
waits for us here
in our chapel
and in our

Holy Family Convent is part of a larger entity, the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth (Congregatio Sacrae Familiae de Nazareth, CSFN), an international, apostolic religious order of pontifical right, founded by Frances Siedliska – Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd in Rome (1875).

The whole Congregation is divided into Provinces and Regions. Holy Family Convent belongs to Jesus the Good Shepherd Province, which is composed of 80 sisters residing in Italy, France and England, including two sisters who minister in territories outside the Province, one in Ghana, and the second in the Holy Land – Nazareth, Israel.

This Province, unique in the Congregation’s geographical structure, was established in 2003. Although it is quite young, its houses and communities hold chronicles that make up the first pages of the history of the Congregation during the times of the Mother Foundress.

Words of Our Mother Foundress – Blessed Mary of Jesus the Good Shepherd:

This is a time of FAITH in practice, a time of boundless TRUS in Our Lord, a time of Love in action.~(Letter 50)